Work For Kim Kardashian & Get Rich!

Kim Kardashian faces accusations of photoshopping her own social media posts of past. So now she is calling for professional help to assist her in making those fake photos a bit more realistic. The 37-year-old is looking for a new member of the staff who would dedicate himself/herself to making Kim’s photos look absolutely perfect. Work For Kim Kardashian & Get Rich!

How much is the salary?

The lucky candidate will get to retouch and airbrush the famously curvy woman to the tune of a six-figure salary. But whoever will become the professional photographer will be living in fear as well. As one slip-up can spell disaster and will cost them the job.

“Kim wants someone on call to make sure her pictures look natural, but as perfect as possible – she’s talking better than Vogue covers,”

a source has spoken to Heat Magazine about it. Being better at Vogue with photoshop may not prove too difficult. However, the glossy fashion magazine was ridiculed back in 2014 when a cover shoot featuring the pair included photos of the star and Kanye West standing in front of a mirror without reflections.

Kim’s own photoshop expert is going to be held to higher standards. A source does reveal that she is ready to pay as much as $200k per year if the person is right. However, as we have mentioned before, one mistake can cost this person their job.

The source says that the strict rules apply because Kim has “built her success on her body image”.

So, Work For Kim Kardashian & Get Rich!

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