Zayn Malik Makes Out With Sofia Jamora in “Let Me” Music Video


Zayn leader born a new music video for his song “Let Me” on Thursday, and there have been quite an few sticky scenes.

Like in his “Dusk until Dawn” music video co-starring Jemima Kirke, the 25-year-old singer plays a personality who seems to be committed in an exceedingly lifetime of crime. The video even begins with constant song taking part in within the background because the former One Direction boy band member walks into a building.

Once within, leader enters a club and appears out at a girl (Sofia Jamora) on the floor. At first, it seems like the 2 do not know every other; but, their relationship unfolds through a series of flashbacks.

New Music Video

Directed by Narcos producer and acclaimed Brazilian Elite Squad director Jose Padilha, the mini-film may be a classic tale of a bag man falling smitten with the boss’ lady and perfidy el jefe before escaping into the sunset together with her by his facet. It even stars legendary picture heel Steven Bauer (Scarface) as said boss.

And, if you were paying shut attention, you may have noticed that Padilha seems to be paying homage to one of the best 80s cop shows of all time: Miami Vice. The legendary series stellar pastel-draped secret dynamic couple James “Sonny” politico (Don Johnson) and ricardo “Rico” Tubbs (Philip Michael Thomas) because the baddest officers on the Miami-Dade metallic element, was notorious for its driving theme January Hammer-created theme song and music video-like montages set to classic rock and hits of the day.

Still, maybe the simplest a part of it all is that the video stars Steven Bauer, whom you will bear in mind as Manny Ribera from mobster. Honestly, will somebody simply get leader a picture deal? we’d like this became a feature film ASAP!

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