Most Disappointing WWE Superstars Of 2018

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You can throw in a number of reasons as to why WWE has been underwhelming and even disappointing in 2018. In-ring returns that were sub-par at best, and the continual inability to grow their persona/characters is a large reason why a lot of them [...]

Why The Miz Deserves To Win The MITB

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For a lot of reasons, this year's MITB match feels much bigger than ever. And we sure know why. For starters, each of the competitors in this match badly need some big-time momentum on their side. There are guys like Rusev, Samoa Joe and Finn [...]

Big Stars Return To RAW

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The RAW after Mania is always fun. You can expect the unexpected to happen and it is the stage for grand debuts and big returns. So which Big Stars Return To RAW? Find out: Elias gets interrupted: Elias has become a major star over the [...]