Big Stars Return To RAW

The RAW after Mania is always fun. You can expect the unexpected to happen and it is the stage for grand debuts and big returns. So which Big Stars Return To RAW? Find out:

Elias gets interrupted: Elias has become a major star over the past year on RAW. The crowd everywhere absolutely love what he has to give day-in and day-out. The big reason why he is over is, he knows his role perfectly. And as usual, Elias was out on the stage performing. But, he was interrupted by a former ECW Champion, Bobby Lashley. Elias went on the attack but, he was caught off guard with a swinging neckbreaker. Then to show his strength, Lashley took Elias up on his shoulders for a suplex and held for a good minute. By the time Lashley put Elias down with the suplex, the crowd was going crazy after a long-awaited return by Lashley.

Big Stars Return To RAW, find out all about it here.

The Miz-tourage is rendered obsolete: Seth Rollins came out to celebrate with the crowd after his triumph at WrestleMania, But he was interrupted first by Finn Balor and then by Miztourage. After exchanging verbal rants with each other, The Miz proposed a match pitting Balor and Rollins against The Miztourage. As soon as the superstars were getting ready for action, Jeff Hardy’s music hit and he ran down the ramp to join the babyfaces. This set-up the main-event for the night with The Miztourage facing off against the trio of Rollins, Balor and “The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy. The trio of high-flyers ultimately came out on top, toppling The Miztourage. It will be interesting to see if Jeff Hardy gets added to the ongoing clash for the Intercontinental Title.

Samoa Joe is back: Roman Reigns came to the ring to address his loss to Brock Lesnar. As he was set to leave the ring, however, Joe’s music hit and he came up to the ramp. Joe addressed Reigns and Lesnar and called Reigns a liar. He went on to berate Reigns for his performances against Lesnar. He ended by saying that he is waiting for both Reigns and Lesnar at Backlash. Things are certainly getting interesting with a returning Samoa Joe.

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