Why The Miz Deserves To Win The MITB

For a lot of reasons, this year’s MITB match feels much bigger than ever. And we sure know why. For starters, each of the competitors in this match badly need some big-time momentum on their side. There are guys like Rusev, Samoa Joe and Finn Balor who haven’t been in the spotlight for a long time even though they have put in the hard work. Then again, there’s someone like Braun Strowman, who just doesn’t fit the bill for this match. There’s however, one guy who really deserves the win- The Miz. So, Why The Miz Deserves To Win The MITB? Here’s why:

The contenders:

If you take a look back from the 2016 WrestleMania, there are just a few guys who are the stand-out performers. Guys like Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Braun Strowman, Cedric Alexander, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles and The Miz. While Cedric, Rollins, and Styles are all champions currently, it leaves out the likes of Joe, Braun, and The Miz. Strowman to be fair has been carrying RAW on his back for quite some time and surely deserves his moment. But, that moment cannot come at the expense of the Money In The Bank Ladder Match. For, it will tarnish the entire match-psychology.On the other hand, guys like Rusev, Balor, and Joe have also been striving hard, putting on decent matches week-in and week out. But, I will have to go with The Miz on this one. Here’s why:

The last two stellar years:

Simply because he’s made the Intercontinental Title feel as relevant as the WWE Championship. Is he great in the ring? No, that would be going too far. In fact, he’s put on good matches with just about everyone he’s been in the ring with. To add to that, his storytelling inside the ring is second to none at this point.

Best Intercontinental Champion of this decade

Best Intercontinental Champion of this decade

And let’s not even get started on his mic skills. Has there quite been anyone who’s matched The Miz on the mic for the last two years barring John Cena, and Dolph Ziggler? It’s that hard to name anyone else.

He’s been there before:

He's been to the top before

He’s been to the top before

It’s been nearly seven years since The Miz was the WWE Champion. And he did it by cashing in the Money In The Bank Briefcase. More importantly, he held the briefcase on for a long time- making it seem very prestigious enough. And when he finally cashed it in, it was quite a big deal. You are reading “Why The Miz Deserves To Win The MITB”.

To be fair, there are only a handful of superstars on the current roster who could pull of a carrying the briefcase for a long period of time and still feel relevant. The Miz has done that before and he can surely do it again. Plus, when he cashes it in, it will most likely seem just that big a deal.

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