6 Simple Sewing Machine Tricks That Will Change Your Life

While many of us may be embracing the ‘make do and mend’ trend, some people still don’t have any clue how to stitch their torn cloth at home. Well for those people I must say that Sewing is fun! that is because I am sharing my personal tricks on the sewing machine that will change your life.

Tip #1: Do it by Passion:


Don’t get bored working on threading your needle, be prepared for re-threading your sewing machine frequently, and you need to know how to do it with ease.


Tip #2: Guide it Up:


This tip is essential! while sewing you need to make sure that the thread pattern is above in the higher position. And if it is not then you will face that thread will get out from the needle while rotating the wheel. My advice is to build a habit of checking while you finish sewing. Ultimately, rotate your hand on the wheel, and the thread pattern will rise to the highest position.


Tip #3: Working manually first:


You need to make sure that all the things are perfect for having the best sewing machine to the needles when you are about to start stitching. Also, you need to prepare the first 2-3 stitches by rotating your hand manually on the wheel anticlockwise of the sewing machine in order to check whether the needle is smoothly inserting into the fabric. And when you think that it is your material is thick you need to bypass thread jams, also do a straight for the prime stitches.


Tip #4: Drop it Down:


Don’t ever think to rest your needle in the upward direction when you are stitching, and it is connected to the fabric on the sewing machine. If you are sewing an end or when you want to move the fabric or to pull out a pin slightly.


Moving the needle downward and rotating in the material, will assist you to obtain a correctly aligned seam.


Tip #5: When something is not doing right, Re-thread:


This is control, at whatever point you get in your crease a string too snug or too free, or your machine is leaving joints, take a stab at rethreading your, spool, and bobbin. 98% of the circumstances you have to take care of your issues!


While you’re rearranging the bobbin, stay for build-up directly beneath the needle surface that is usually causes string wonkiness or missing joint!


Tip #6: Needle condition and type:


You can start with a universal needle which can be ideal for beginning, with particular sets of material instead you need to choose the perfect needle.

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