Things to do in Lisbon That Will Save Big Time Money

Do not know what to do in Lisbon? From rock concerts to Forro dances, from cricket afternoons to tricot nights, we give you excellent suggestions to take advantage of all. If you do these things on your visit at Lisbon you can surely save some money.

Rowing in the Campo Grande:

The former Campo de Alvalade of the 19th century was precisely built in the style of a Romantic Walk. And it has recently been refurbished to host a series of playful activities, where you can either do some raquetting in the paddle field, like walking the dog in the canine park or wait for the children to exhaust all the energy in the playground.

Jardim do Campo Grande – Tue-Sun 10.00-17.00 (19.00 in summer). € 5 (half an hour), € 7 (one hour)

Boating in the Tagus River:

If the doves’ fort is not to give to the oar, they can use them to interlace their fingers without risk of accidents during a boat trip in the river Tagus. The BYX have romantic walks at sunrise and sunsets, as the Tagus Sunrise, and others like the Sunset Sensations or Lisbon Night, lit by the city lights. The duration of the trip is approximately two hours and you can toast the love on board the sailing boat with the drink included in the tour.

Price for two people: 69,90 €

Spend the night in a motel:

None of the suites of this motel in Manique de Cima (Sintra) will leave it in the millstone below. A few kilometers from the village of Sintra and overlooking the mountains (will that matter to you?), All rooms at the Elite have direct access to a private garage and mirrors on the ceiling. In the Royal Suite, there is a round bed with water mattress, a vertical jacuzzi, a double jacuzzi, a pool with waterfall, a pole for dance pole and open bar.

Rua da Colina – Capa Rota (Manique de Cima). 21 915 4580. € 150 – 24 hours; € 120 – 12 hours; € 100 – 6 hours

Watch a movie in the Cinema City VIP lounge:

Private lounge, open bar, reclining leather armchairs. A real treat for two the Cinema City VIP lounges, where before the movie has twenty minutes to sample a cocktail and snack the buffet available. Not all movies come to VIP (and not all of them are romantic), but a brief survey on the official website tells you which tapes are going to go in the most comfortable rooms in the country.

All-Inclusive session: € 18

Attend an opera at the Teatro São Carlos:

Put on your best outfit and invite your dude to watch an opera or a concert of choral or symphonic music. The seasons of the house of the Choir of the National Theater of São Carlos and the Portuguese Symphony Orchestra give masterpieces of Bizet to Stravinsky that can be heard in this National Monument inaugurated in 1793 – the first public theater open to all citizens.

Dance Forro in the Space Baiao:

If the dance asks for a lot of contact, then let it be with whom we like the most. Even if it’s four feet of lead. There is plenty to see and dance in Lisbon, such as the cultural center and dance school Espaço Baiao, where you can learn the movements of the Northeast Forro or Samba de Gafieira, a type of ballroom dancing that derives from the maxixe, the Brazilian tango. Since 2015, Espaço Baiao puts everything into the top of the Ateneu Comercial de Lisboa. If you just want to test your potential (or even your relationship), give an experimental dance lesson for only € 5 per person.


If you’re planning to travel Lisbon in next few days, don’t miss to do these things when you’re in beautiful city of Lisbon. Doing these things in Lisbon will give you pleasure in very reasonable cost.

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