Anime : Death Note: Desu nôto (TV Series 2006–2007) – IMDb 9


Desu Noto

Death Note is the show that got me addicted to the anime world. It is one of the best animes i have watched till now though I haven’t watched many. But surely this one is a masterpiece.

This show is about a young intelligent high school student Light Yagami who is tired of his life, school and the state of the world as he knows it. But one day a death god (Shinigami) happens to drop his notebook into the human world which has a mystical power to kill any person who’s name is written on it. Light happens to came across the notebook. He read the notebook’s instructions but thought it was all a joke. Soon after though, his human curiosity took the better of him and thus he tried the notebook. Amazed by the power of that notebook Light decided that he will eradicate all the crimes and criminals all over the world using this notebook and become the god of the new world. His path to create the new world was not very easy because there stood a guy as intelligent and genius as Light who was very famous detective all of over the world called L. There battle over the world is very intense. AS there are plot twists on all most every episodes you’ll never know what’s coming next. This anime is full of surprises and lots of action and mind games.


Review By :GIG Ishtiaqe Omair

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