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University Kuala Lampur

Universiti Kuala Lampur (UniKL) is Malaysia’s leading technical university. The university aims to provide all graduates with the knowledge , skills and attitude required to excel in a globalised and knowledge – based economy.UniKL’s vision is to become the leading Entrepreneurial Technical University by 2020 through achieving excellence in research,eucation,training,entrepreneurship , consulting and community services.


Unikl’s research activities are focused on developing new technologies and products to support techno-entrepreneurship ventures amongst researchers, graduates and industrial partners. Unikl partners with many local and international universities and reserch institution to bring reserch knowledge into successful application and commercialization.


UniKL’s integrated education curriculum is comprised of four major components :

i.     Technical

ii.    Social

iii.   Learning

iv.   Entrepreneurship 


Entry Requirement for International Students

Foundation Programme

i) Minimum qualification : ‘O’ Level or equivalent with at least Grade C in 5 subjects

ii)Fulfill UniKL’s  minimum English requirements

Diploma Programmes

i) Minimum qualification : ‘O’ Level or equivalent with at least Grade C in 5 subjects

ii)Fulfill UniKL’s  minimum English requirements


Bachelor Programmes

i)Minimum Qualification : A pass in Foundation in Science & Technology OR A pass in ‘A’ level or its equvalent with 3 principles

ii) A pass in related Diploma from a recognized institution or its equivalent

iii) Fulfill UniKL’s minimum English requirements


English Requirements

Foundation / Diploma/Bachelor 500+ 5.5
Master/Phd 575+ 6.0

If you don’t meet their English requirements then you have to give a online English test. If you you do not pass in that examination then you have to sit in their English classes. I will cost monthly 1000 (RM) .


 Exchange Rate : USD 1.00 ~ RM 3.00

                                  Taka 19.00 ~ RM 1.00


Payment To be made upon approval of application (letter of offer issued) 

1 EMGS Processing Fee 1000
2 Insurance (1 year) 500
3 Medical Health Report 250
4 Student Pass 60
5 Multiple Entry Visa 50
6 I – Card (Immigration) 50
7 Administration Fee 190
TOTAL 2200

You have to give this amount of money to them for your visa. It will take minimum 1 month and maximum 3 months.

Student living cost (Estimating for living in private housing or university residence

ESTIMATION EXPENSES (RM) ROOM(Fully Furnished) 2 people sharing ROOM(Fully Furnished) 2 people sharing
Housing Deposit 1,200(paid once)
Electricity & Water Deposit 500*
Rent for Accommodation 500/person 6000/person
Books,Stationary and Personal Expenses 500 6000
TOTAL(per person) 13,700

*These costs are generally paid once when first setting up accommodation.The housing deposit is usually equals to 3 months rental. Cost varies according to location and types of residence.

If you have any relatives or your own accommodation then you don’t have to give this accommodation cost.

Tuition Fees per year ( For foundation,Diploma & Bachelor Courses)

No Areas Of Specialisiation Diploma Fees (RM) Bachelor Fees (RM)
1 Computer Engineering,Information Technology,Multimedia & Animation 11,700 19,500
2 Product Design, Eng.Business Management , Industrial design 19500
3 Mechatronics , Mechanical , Automotive , Industrial Automation 14,100 20,300
4  Marine Engineering 15600 20300
5 Avation 16900 21100
6 Business, Islamic Finance & Accounting 15600 16900
7 MBBS 78000
8 Chemical & Bioengineerimg 14900 19500
9 Electrical, Electronics & Telecommunication 14900 19500
10 Quality Engineering & Industrial Logistic 14700 19500
11 Foundation in Science & technology 9000


In first semester you have to give one year fee at once. After that you have to pay per semester. Two semesters in one year.


Source : Malaysian Universities Admission Fair & Seminar 2015 & Universiti Kuala Lampur 

Post by : GIG Suniv Ashraf


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