Assassination Classroom: E-Class’ story

The story the anime is here to tell about is the E-Class(End Class) of Kunugigaoka Junior High School. The class is called E-Class because of all the students in it are delinquents and failures. The school itself deems the students as to having no proper future and so they give the students fewer opportunities. But, at last, they are presented with a chance. For that, they have to do one simple task, assassinate their new teacher!

You must be thinking that this is some sort of psychological anime since the plot revolves around the students trying to assassinate their new teacher. In this anime, the new teacher is an octopus-like¬†alien who has already destroyed 70 percent of the moon and is also threatening to destroy the Earth as well. The students from E-Class are all given special training in the art of assassination. And they are given the year’s worth of time to assassinate the teacher. If you do not have a prior idea about this anime then you must be thinking it is a psychological thriller. Well, this is the part which will shock you- it’s a comedy genre. And yes, you have read correctly, there is quite a lot of comedy here.

The story of E-Class

So, how can you make an anime comic with a backstory like this? You will have so it to find out! If you like animes with simple character designs then this anime is just right. A lot of work has gone into mixing these genres together to create what you will see. The background score also helps to ease you into the anime. On the other hand, the intro and the ending songs are a work of art. So, just remember that you are having a rough week just go and visit any anime website and watch it. You are sure to have a great time.

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