Asus Is Creating The Ultimate Gaming Monitor For $2,000

Asus has a product that will rival Acer’s first ever 4K HDR 144Hz G-Sync Monitor. It may well be offering the same enticing combination of specs. The PG27UQ is one more 27-inch IPS panel. Asus has gone on record saying, it will be the first monitor that offers DisplayHDR 1000 certification. Find out how¬†Asus Is Creating The Ultimate Gaming Monitor For $2,000:

What’s the story:

All this time, PC owners had to choose between resolution or refresh when they picked a gaming monitor. And you have got to question that, how many people have a rigs which can push 4K resolution at super-high frame rates. At the same time, the HDR support for PC is very much spotty. However, the bleeding-edge early adopters have a reason to be pleased as the ceiling for monitor performance just got higher.

Everything comes at a price, and just like the Predator X27, the PG27UQ is going to set you back $1,999.99.

When does it arrive?

Asus is hopeful that it will be available to the market by late June. This means that it will ship nearly 18 months after the company’s first announcement.

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