What Makes Playing Monster Hunter: World Worth It

Are you looking for a great emergent gameplay on home consoles? Then look no further than Monster Hunter: World. So you ask What Makes Playing Monster Hunter: World Worth It? Well, let’s take a look:

What’s cooking:

While a lot of other games put their focus on delivering content in the form of DLC, spacing across a definite period of time, Monster Hunter: World is filled with loads of it right off the bat. The most devoted players can be seen investing around five hundred to one thousand hours on the game. The overall depth and variety are hard to match for any modern game.

The ultimate thrill ride

The ultimate thrill ride

What you play as:

You will play the role of a Monster Hunter of the Fifth Fleet making a voyage to the New World. The Guild Hunters are researching the New World, in quest of finding out about the habitability and you will be the fifth expedition to be sent out. In your time there, your objective will be to hunt down different monsters and balance the ecosystem, collect data, and of course forge amazing weapons and armors. You are reading “What Makes Playing Monster Hunter: World Worth It”.

The gameplay is enough to keep you glued to the game for hours. The game contains 14 weapon types on offer, each of them offering a significantly unique play-style. If you have a Switch Axe, it deals blunt force damage in the ax mode. But it will also deal out slicing damage in sword mode augmented by an external force.

Combat experiences can be compared to Dark Souls mixed in with the traditional hack-and-slash games. You will be looking for clues and tracks of the monsters you are hunting. Once you do that, you must prepare yourself accordingly and buff yourself against the monster’s special attack. When you do find the monster, it will be an epic fight to the death. All the encounters are going to be different thanks largely to the brilliant animation and an intelligent AI.

Forging weapons are interesting

Forging weapons are interesting

Your weapons and armors will be crafted from the parts you have scavenged during the hunts. And to get these gear pieces together requires an immense time investment. And you will have a plethora of monsters to hunt after you finish one story.

The main point:

Overall, this is one of the best games to play currently. The learning curve can be steep for some, but once you have mastered it, you will be slaying monsters left and right. And there’s plenty in the game to keep you busy.

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