How to backup Yahoo Mails using Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is one of open source cross-platform email and chat client developed by Mozilla Foundation. This is to replace your boring email clients with some new and refreshing features. You will some really interesting features in it. One of those features is Spam filter; Thunderbird incorporates a Bayesian spam filter which helps to keep your inbox organized and junk free. This is also capable of managing multiple emails accounts.

You can configure your Yahoo mail in it and keep the frequent sign-in problem a far. This keeps you away from signing-in every time you wish to check your emails. If you want to keep back up of your Thunderbird mails of your Yahoo mail, you can easily copy it, and take a backup in your drive. Mozilla Thunderbird made it a point to keep your email messages back up process an easier one.

Mozilla Thunderbird uses the universal MBOX storage type, not the typical Outlook’s PST file system. This makes it comfortable to read your mails without even installing Thunderbird in any other computer system. The process to take a back-up of your Yahoo mails from Thunderbird is easy.

Steps to backup Yahoo Mails from Mozilla Thunderbird

Step 1- the first step is to click on “Start” button from your computer and then type “%APPDATA%” in the search bar(without the quotes)

Step 2- After that, you need to click on “Roaming” when it appears in the menu

Step 3- Now double-click on “Thunderbird,” and then select “Profiles.

Step 4- Here you need to double-click on your profile name for the Yahoo mail account which you want to take back-up

Step 5- Afterward you need to right-click on the “Mail” folder and click on “Copy” button

Step 7- Here you need to connect your USB Flash drive to your computer if you wish to take back up in USB drive else you can take backup to your local drive. Now click on “Start,” then “Computer.

Step 8- You need to double-click on the USB Flash drive in the “My Computer window or you can select the drive you want to take backup.

Step 9- And now, right-click on the drive and click on “Paste” button

This will save your Yahoo mail’s back up to your computer or flash drive, whatever suits you. You can easily access these file and as they can be read using a basic text editor. You can contact Yahoo customer support team for any help if needed.

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