Top Ten Horror Movies You Won’t Dare to Watch alone

You may wonder how we would choose the top ten horror movies, how would we measure its spook factor?  Simply by asking some pertinent questions; does it make you close your eyes and scream the loudest? Do you grab hold of people near you so tight that unknowingly you are squeezing them nearly to death? Does the movie lurk in your mind afterwards making you paranoid at bed time? What people seek in a good horror movie is thrill, to get their heart racing, an adrenaline rush even at the cost of crying internally like a scared maniac.

But what does it take to make it to the top 10 list? Besides thrill, it’s the essence, the plot, attention to detail, great acting, background music and creativity – the way one presents the story. Critics love these elements. So let’s start the countdown:

10)The Silence of the Lambs

Won an Oscar for Best Picture, need any other mention to prove its worth? This flick had grand performances and a perfect blend of thrill and horror. A single ‘tool’ used both for solving crimes and committing murders – that’s some talented writing.

9) Nightmare on Elm Street

As the title suggests, it will give you nightmares. Indeed, you will question the real versus the imaginary. Good luck going to sleep after watching this one! (*Evil Grin*). It is so scary that you don’t like to dream much. You always  think about that creepy person that could come into your dream and disturb your life.

8) The Ring

The videotape (creepy), the phone call (creepier), the phone call content (creepiness heightened!). Finally, the girl walking out of the television from inside the well (crazy creepy). The female lead had real guts to handle this horror mystery.

7) Alien

Both a horror and a sci-fi flick. Now whose stomach won’t wrench seeing an alien pop out of people’s stomachs and then hunting a full crew gruesomely? Mine would!

6) Saw

An intense thriller with way too much sick torture and gore. Contrastingly, beautifully designed contraptions and brilliant, almost genius thinking, it’s like an exciting game of chess that you can’t look away from.

5) The Grudge

This film explains how essential background music and character design is to the plot. This movie reminds us why we are still scared of Japanese legends.

4) The Conjuring

A game of hide and seek in a haunted house, simple. Or is it? Unites us by one feeling – terror.

3) Psycho

Setting modern standards for slasher/serial-killer movies, this movie brought out the best craziness and provocative nature on screen. In order to get the optimal fun from this movie, you should watch it on the best quality 40 inch LED TV.

2) The Shining

Jack Nicholson never disappoints. His portrayal of a family man undergoing psychological breakdown is very unsettling. ‘Here’s Johnny!’ – Remember?


1) The Exorcist

Just the name is enough in itself. Period.

If you are a scary movie adrenaline junkie, you would have seen most of these top ten horror movies. These classics, some of which were made many years ago still terrify us but we can’t help but love them.