Bajrangi Bhaijaan (2015) IMDB 8.4



Bajrangi Bhaijaan (2015)


Nawazuddin Siddiqui is my all time favorite . Nothing to say about Salman Khan .  Good to see him doing a character with less heroism which was missing in last few years in khans filmsOverall a feel good movie .

My Rating : 7 on 10 on the basis of Bollywood

Review By : GIG Subbir Rahman







Bajrangi bhaijaan is an Indian comedy drama movie which is worth your 2 and a half hours !! This is undoubtedly kabir khans most amazing movie .. Salman’s one the amazing movie as well .. A cute little girl named ” Shahida ” in the movie will grab all your attention with her cuteness ! And as always Salman’s performance was incredible indeed !! You’ll see your newsfeed full with this movies’ post,  well that’s maybe worth posting !! 😀 The songs of this movie  didn’t attract me that much .. I’ll give them 6 out of 10 and for the story and screenplay ,  it defiantly deserves 8.5 out 10 !!


Review By : GIG Sanzida Mim




After reading too many positive responses about this movie ,  expectations got higher , but the movie wasn’t up to the mark . Salman’s acting was good . But kareena seemed like a side kick to me .  The only outstanding thing about this movie was the child actress . But the direction of this movie was the major disapointment . I think the story and remaining actors of the movie could have been made in a better way.
So if I have to mark this movie within the range of 10 . I’ll mark it 6 .

Review By :  GIG Nafisa Talukder










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