Dhaka Pop Culture Expo 2K15 By Sajjad Hossain

dhaka popexpo


Though I only attended the 2nd day of Pop Expo, here’s my review…

“Dhaka Pop Culture Expo” just held recently at Baridhara DOHS Convention Centre, Dhaka and to be honest, after the end of the day it was an average. Usually a large number of Pop culture fans and the Otakus gather around in this type of comic festivals but this year, something gone wrong. There wasn’t much gathering this year, not as much was expected. Here is some reasons behind that….


The Only thing I wanna say to the organizers is to make the system bigger and better in a convenient location. Seriously, only the people from Baridhara or other places nearby can join in unless someone struggles himself to get there. Secondly, the hall was too small for a Comic festival. though there was less people, that’s why it didn’t affect much actually.


Another thing that disappointed me is the number of cosplayers. To be precise, Cosplay is the most important thing in festivals like this. There wasn’t many in Pop Expo. When I went to the last year’s Pop Expo and Comic cons, I’d seen a lot of cosplayers cosplaying different characters and hanging around the fest. But this year, I have seen only a few! But point to be noted, each of them were excellent! Each cosplay you’d seen, you could feel how much dedication, hardwork and valueable time they gave in their cosplays. Hats off!!


If I talk about my own experience, I’ll say only one thing. That was one of the best days of my life!! Watching my own friends cosplaying my favourite characters from different Anime and movies, a few stalls where every kind of accessories related to Anime and Hollywood movies are available, Making new friends, Taking photos with cosplayers, Dancing and doing crazy stuffs with everyone… overall, a perfect day with full of Entertainment. The next one is JCC Comic Con. Lets see what’ll be that like ..


Event Review By : GIG Sajjad Hossain



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