Beginners Tips for First Person Shooting Game Say : Counter Strike Global Offense

How to be better at Counter-Strike Global Offensive


Counter Strike: Global offensive is arguably the most played FPS or first person shooting game in the world. It was released in August 2012 by steam corp. for windows, PlayStation, Xbox 360. The game currently has over millions of players. The secret for playing good on counter strike is not hard to master. With certain amount of practice any player can be good at it. With research and sayings from pro players we came up with a list of factors that will help you win the game.


Game sense


The most important factor for playing any multiplayer game is game sense. For counter strike global offensive it’s not any different. getting to master the instinct of playing counter strike will help the most when it comes to any matches. Whether it is normal or it is ranked. Being able to decide what to in the lapse of split second is very necessary. Being able to properly shot call, flank, target or hide will enable you to survive and thrive on the harsh field of counter strike. Now the question is how to master the sense. Practice and experiment are the best way to do this for sure. So if you can then play more, and try to do different stuffs to find which one is the best one and also which one suits you more.


Movement & Positioning


As counter strike is a shooting game movement can help you control the enemy sometimes. Movement can enable you to hit bullets and also sometimes will help you dodge some. As the accuracy is related with movement, you can control the spray if you can control your movement. Also its harder to hit a dynamic target than a stationary target. So by moving you might dodge some bullets.


Positioning is a part of game sense and your team’s tactics. If you can master the positioning, you will be able to throw sand to your enemy’s eyes while dominating.


Spray control


The unique feature that counter strike has which no other game has is a mechanics called spraying. Every weapon has its unique quality for which it will shoot every single one of its bullets in a certain angle. It’s called spraying. It’s very important to master spraying as you will be able to hit more bullets. More practice with weapons will lead to better spray control




Reflex is important in every first person shooting title. Without good reflex you will not be able to survive any head to head duels. So being able to make moves faster is another factor to be better.


Objective control & Map pressure


In ranked games objective control is necessary as good objective control can often pull you out of a bad situation. Sometimes good objective controls can win you the game despite of being in deficit. So practice more with your team to learn to control the objective.




Economy is another unique feature of counter strike game. There is no weapon preset for every round rather you will have to buy your weapons for the round with an in game currency earned throughout the previous rounds. So mastering economy can lead to getting a slight advantage over your enemy.


Team Tactics & Communication


Having a team which you can communicate with will help in situation handling. So creating a team is also necessary step in mastering counter strike global offensive.


By following the steps mentioned above you can easily be better at counter strike global offensive. The secret to doing anything better is by trying hard and practicing. So do it and if needed always improvise. Hope this guide will help.

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