Some Tips Towards Beginners to Exercise Regularly

I know you guys are all pumped up about having a great physique and everything. However, there are a few things that you might want to keep in mind in order to be safe and don’t make the same mistakes that every beginner make time and again. So, let us begin, shall we? You also want to check out my response.
1. Know the science:
you can not but know the basic science behind that your body would go through. For instance, your target is to gain muscles. In order to do that, you must breakdown your old muscle fibres and build newer and stronger ones with weight lifting and having a protein rich diet.
On the contrary, your diet and workout regime would be totally different if you want to lose weight.
Because,the science of achieving both goals are very different form each other.
2.Be very strict about you diet:
Diet is the second most important thing when it comes to working out. Let us put it in a very short yet explained manner, ”You are what you eat.”. If you eat garbage ( e.g. fast foods, cola), if you don’t eat according to time you’ll never have the results you desire. Let me remind you that this is the hardest obstacle between you and your dream physique.
3. Give it a thought and have a plan for it:
Let me give you a piece of advice, don’t be too carried away and make plans for weeks and months ahead. Just know your goal and plan for next few hours. Remember that consistency is the key. It’s not like you don’t move a bit for months and in one night you pull off 100 pushups, and you get a massive body. Instead focus on only one pushup a day, then gradually 2, then 3… Like this, you can upgrade yourself. Long story short, just be consistent.

4.It’s all about the core:
For some reasons every beginner thinks that weightlifting is the key. However, it is not. The better core you have, the more fit you are. Pay closer attention towards your core. As a result, soon lifting weights will gradually become a lot more easier.
5. Start with the basics:
I have seen a lot of people going to the gym on the first day and start to lifting weights. Well, that’s not how you should start. In our life you must start from the bottom, it’s a lot like taking the stairs. You can’t take the fourth one before the first stair. Likewise, start with the basics like, cardio, pushups, chin-ups, core exercises. After basics, you are good to go towards weights.
6. Rest according to your regime:
If you can’t respect your own body, your body won’t respect you back.Thus, always provide the care and love your body requires from you.
7.Do research:
You have to make sure you use all the resources you have around you. In order to become as productive as possible. Though, everything you see on the internet is not true, but try to find out as much as you can about your body type and the regime it needs. It would help you in the long run by getting a overall idea.
8.Find someone who has walked in your shoes:
Let us consider that you have 40% body fat and someone you know has 20% body fat ratio. As a result, his way towards success will be totally different from yours. So, in order to succeed, find some one who has faced the same problem you are facing now and try out their solutions. I am quite sure that this will help.
9. Enjoy it:
If you can enjoy any task you are given, it’s only a matter of time for you to succeed. So, chill; headphones on, volume up and let’s get ourselves some six packs, shall we?

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