Best Mini Game Console of 2018- Read Before You Buy One

Yes, it’s true that now we are getting a bunch of new game consoles. However, they may not come close to the retro gaming consoles. The retro consoles are the ones which have introduced us to gaming. In fact, due to their innovative ideas, newer formats and willingness to take risks, new genres have been developed. Here, we have compiled a list of some of the best retro mini game console out there. There are obviously various factors which had to be considered such as age group, console sale, innovativeness. And if you happen to like old-school mini game console, then you may pick up any of these following mini game console:

Super Nintendo:

The Super Nintendo coming out in 1991 has left a big influence on the 16-bit era. Super Nintendo’s team had to face some tough competition from the likes of Sega Genesis however they hung out on top with their triple A titles namely Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario. When you add the combo of reasonable pricing and great hardware, you can understand why the Super Nintendo team managed to stay on top.

Having more than 725 games in their library, the SNES had been a leading force in the world of gaming consoles with third party aid. Owing to their already promising history alongside witty business deal Nintendo was able to get early public relation edge with the big third party creator Capcom. This ultimately led to bringing out the first console port of Street Fighter 2. Nintendo was able to go over and above with SNES through the development of the Super FX chip. This allowed 3D abilities for titles such as Starfox and Doom. In fact, they did not even have to add any needless hardware. So if you wish to go back to the 90s gaming, the SNES is ready to give you just that.

Sega Genesis:

There was a time when Sonic the Hedgehog was a mascot for Sega Genesis. And in that time, Sonic was far more demanded by gamers than Super Mario. Sega Genesis would come out in 1989, 2 years prior to Super Nintendo and earned itself a head start. To be exact, it was Sega Genesis that introduced everyone around the globe with the original 16-bit entertaining video game consoles which boasted of some of the best controllers ever made. In fact, if you wanted a mini game console for top quality sports games you just had to get Sega Genesis’ consoles.

Sega’s consoles had been good in appealing to the big boys and had subtle varieties when it comes to cross format games. Genesis’ Mortal Kombat contains blood which the SNES does not. And Sega’s games can carry a variety of tonality for the market. Sonic the Hedgehog was responsible for introducing a faster gameplay.

PlayStation 2:


Having sold roughly 155 million units to date, the PlayStation 2 is considered one of the best consoles of all time. With the introduction of the CD-reading PlayStation, Sony would go on to change the videogame industry as we know it today. In all fairness, the PS2 has gone on to define just that. The PS2’s backwards compatibility with the early PlayStation games and DVD playbacks led to the creation of the best-selling consoles of all time.

Sony made the decision that their PS2 console would be an entertainment system not only for video games. DVDs were a hit in the early 2000s and the PS2 introduced to the scene a multimedia system which could also work as a DVD player. Their data version would allow bigger games as well. As a result of that, we now had huge series’ which looked like cinematic masterpieces that include Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3, God Of War etc.

Nintendo 64:


If you ask a 90s kid which was the best retro multiplayer gaming console is, they will undoubtedly mention Nintendo 64. Online multiplayers have separated people for long distances. But before that was a thing, games like the Mario Party would have you and your best friend sit next to each other and finish the game. Each Friday night, kids would invite their buddies for some pizza and hours on end playing with their favorite N64.

Even if Sony’s PlayStation made a bigger impact on the market, the Nintendo 64 definitely had a loyal fan base. In fact, Nintendo 64 had been the first console which would allow up to four controllers for multiplayer and also brought to light the rumble control capability with the Rumble Pak functionality. To this very day, the N64 is one of the most accessible multiplayer systems worldwide.

Nintendo Entertainment System: 


There was a time in the 1980s when the video game industry was about to die with over saturation. That’s when Nintendo took a chance with their very first console: the Nintendo Entertainment System. Nintendo was intent on ensuring that third party creators had the license and adhered to the rules. The NES boasts of one of the biggest gaming libraries of more than 714 licensed titles. With an economic boom, the 1980s paved way for more investment in the gaming industry which increased the potential of the market. You could find countless titles like Mega Man, Contra, Final Fantasy, Super Mario Bros and also varied range of games like Duck Hunt.

Game Boy:



It was the year 1989 when the world of mini game console changed forever with the introduction of Game Boy. In that year, Game Boy sold 118.69 million units all over the world. In fact, Game Boy pioneered mobile gaming which at one point was very popular. Just think back to those times, when you could play Tetris on the airplane with a stereo sound. Just how fun was those times?

In that time, Game Boy had to face and defeat many contenders in the mobile gaming market. The list includes Sega’s Game Gear and the Atari Lynx. Their launch had titles like Super Mario Land and Tetris. Players also got the chance to buy a cable link and play multiplayer games.

That was the list for some of the best mini game console out there.

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