Big Brother Got Lit With Courtney Act’s Wardrobe Malfunction

Courtney Act’s entrance at this year’s Celebrity Big Brother is one way of getting all the attention to yourself. She made quite the impression, tripping on stage and losing her skirt. Big Brother Got Lit With Courtney Act’s Wardrobe Malfunction, and check out all the details below:

Holy tuck!

All she had to do was get down the stairs and walk through the ramp. However, this happened. You can check out the video again here.

Her sparkly skirt would slip yet again once she went backstage and that wouldn’t amuse fellow contestant Ann Widdecombe. Widdecombe is a vocally anti-LGBT politician. At this point, it’s not sure, if the malfunction was an unfortunate accident or a planned publicity stunt. However, all eyes would be on Courtney for a long time.

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