Some Of The Best Life Hacks- Read & Try Now

Every time you think you have life figured out, it one-ups you. Isn’t that happening a bit too much? What can you do then? Well for starters, you can try including some life hacks into your life and see the changes for yourself. Here are Some Of The Best Life Hacks- Read & Try Now:

Holding On To New Year Resolutions:

There is a science-based app called Fabulous which can help you build healthy rituals and form habits for life. You may use that for resetting your habits and rewiring the brain.

Always Getting The Cheapest Flight:

You have to keep track of destinations that you travel to and get yourself the best flights. Hitlist happens to be a travel app that does just that. And it won’t even break the budget.

Boosting the productivity with Data:

Every day you spend time on a variety of activities while working on the computer, right? You can use the RescueTime app and keep track of time.

Breathing clean air on your commute:

Try using the anti-pollution mask, Tegru to breathe clean air. The mask features active fans that deliver clean air to the user without compromising the comfort through its design.

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