Bismillah Kabab Ghar – Famous For Their Special Item Called CHAP (Kebab) – Old Dhaka , Bangladesh .




Went to Bismillah Kabab Ghar at Nazira Bazaar last night and it was worthy to that far of old town in the heavy rain ! Highly recommended for meat lovers for a low cost & casual but hearty treat. Well if you just forget the environment this place has all the taste in their food . It’s spicy , it’s tender and it’s Goddamn mouth watering . The best Boti kabab and Gurda kabab in old town just came across my taste-bud.

All food Price varies from 60-120 BDT .  Only parata per piece is 5 BDT only !!

Chicken Chap quarter 80tk , Beef Chap half 60tk, Beef Boti half 90tk, Mutton Gurda half 110tk, parata 5tk, salads are complimentary .Boti kabab’s taste is God-like .Their Chicken chap’s size is larger than any other restaurant in Dhaka and as well as tasty . Gurda kabab is something very unique and different. Very well cooked to its tenderness.  Chikcen tikka : it’s a little bit lack in taste but worthy.That onion sliced in tamarind juice just added up an extra flavor while u eat. Overall it’s a paisa usul shop with a unique blend of taste.



Review By : GIG Taniv Ashraf





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