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journey to joydebpur  After H.S.C result , we needed some fresh air . So , we decided to visit Joydebpur via Demu Train . We were six in numbers . Me , my brother Suniv , my cousin Samin and his father Shahin uncle , Alamgir and Hossain bhai our guide to Joydebpur . Our main plan was to make a journey with demu train . As its last station was Joydebpur we decided to visit there . We reached Tejgaon station at 8.30 AM . it was a sunny day . The weather was good enough to make a journey .    


We bought 6 tickets , 15 taka each person . The train was late and reached the station at 9.45AM . We got on the train . As it was our first journey by that demu train we decided to journey standing and enjoying outside view . For that every one was staring at us because there was some vacant seats and we were not interested to sit . We were also taking pictures and videos in the train . We brought a Handy-cam with us .  After two stations all seats were filled up by passengers . The train was neat and clean . The demu train was imported from China without cooler system . But it’s design was with attached cooler system . Though we didn’t feel to hot inside the train . The train stopped at Banani station , Airport station , Cantonment Station , Tongi Station and then Joydebpur the last station .

Inside Demu Train


King Vaoal’s Residence

We reached there at 11AM . There was a big bazaar near the station . we entered into the bazaar to hang around suddenly we had a smell of ghee and sweet from ” Ratan Mishtanno Vandar ” . We can’t hold our selves to pop those sweets into our mouth . We saw people eating flattened or beaten rice in yogurt with a large 8 inch red sweet . That was looking so much tasty . There we tasted 6inc sweet and after eating that our stomach was full . So that we decided to hang around there little bit . While exploring we saw Sri Sri Kripamoi Kali Mandir . We Relaxed there for a while . After relaxing we heard Rajbari from the locals , so we started for Rajbari . it was King Vaoal’s residence . Now used as court . We saw many old structured rooms there. Some special rooms were air conditioned . We saw Rani Bilashmoni School near the court . Then we entered Surma Mini Chineese Restaurant for lunch . There we washed ourselves with cold tap water and sat for lunch . There were chicken Biriani , Mutton Biriani , Khichuri , Rice , Chicken curry , Mutton Curry , Mixed vegetable and Dal in the lunch menu . We selected rice which we call Shada Vaat in Bengali   , chicken curry , mixed Vegetable and Dal . The Dal was heavenly . One of the tastiest lunch I have ever had in my life . Our stomach was full , not an inch was empty . After lunch we again went to Ratan Mishtanno Bhandar and bought 13 KG sweets for our home . After that we walked into the bazaar to explore more . We had some Rosh Malai there . After exploring more we decided to go back to that Mandir to take rest , in one word to chill again . After spending lapse of about one hour we heard train siren . So , that we moved to the station . There we saw the last train to Dhaka just arrived Joydebpur station and it was another Demu train . As it was last train to Dhaka , it was more crowdy .

Our return journey was equally pleasent as well . I would love to journey again .


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