Braun Strowman May Have A Helping Hand Against The Shield

Last weeks Monday Night RAW was full of shocks and surprises as we saw the reuniting of the “Hounds Of Justice”. If you didn’t already know, Roman Reigns successfully defended his newly won WWE Universal Championship against Finn Balor in the main event. But he didn’t get any time to celebrate because Braun was trying to cash in his MITB contract on a weary-looking Reigns. And we would have had a new Universal Champion had Rollins and Ambrose not intervened. The trio then put Strowman through the commentators table with a vicious triple power-bomb. Just as it seemed that Strowman may not be able to cash in his MITB contract, he’s got a helping hand. That’s correct,┬áBraun Strowman May Have A Helping Hand Against The Shield:

What’s cooking:

One RAW superstar has had an issue with The Shield since their previous run going as far as teasing a possible help-out for The Monster Among Men against the trio.

He retweeted the 2014 warning to The Shield and wrote “Forget not”

Besides an obvious reference to the past, this may well be a response to Reigns’ tweet on Monday:

This is why a lot of people have connected the dots with a possible speculation that Wyatt may come to the aid of Strowman in the future if he has any trouble with the Shield.

Don't forget Strowman's Wyatt Family origins just yet!

Don’t forget Strowman’s Wyatt Family origins just yet!

Wyatt hasn’t been featured on RAW for the past couple of weeks as he is currently without any program. The reason being, his tag team partner Woken Matt Hardy is out of action due to injury. So, it makes perfect sense for Bray to help out his former Wyatt Family brethren against the Hounds Of Justice.

In fact, we may just have a three-on-three Wyatt Family vs The Shield once again with Luke Harper joining in from the Blue Brand. Harper recently lost the tag titles and doesn’t seem to have a program as his long-time tag partner Rowan is out with injuries. So, this can well be a great way to put Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper relevant again.

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