Why Did Daniel Bryan Turn Heel?

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It's been more than 24 hours since SmackDown Live ended with a shocking heel turn from Daniel Bryan that resulted in him winning the WWE World Championship from AJ Styles. Now let's try to understand Why Did Daniel Bryan Turn Heel? The heart of the [...]

Nikki Bella Is Dating Again After A High Profile Split

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Nikki Bella and John Cena delivered the heartbreak of the year when they cancelled their wedding three weeks prior to the "big day". After that, there was a brief reunion, but the WWE Diva ended the relationship for good in July. As a reason, [...]

The Beast Is Unleashed At WWE HIAC 2018

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WWE's yet another gimmick pay-per-view, Hell In A Cell 2018, ended in a rather dramatic fashion. Although we still have Roman Reigns as the champion, a certain beast has been unleashed. Read all about The Beast Is Unleashed At WWE HIAC 2018 here: What's cooking: [...]

Braun Strowman May Have A Helping Hand Against The Shield

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Last weeks Monday Night RAW was full of shocks and surprises as we saw the reuniting of the "Hounds Of Justice". If you didn't already know, Roman Reigns successfully defended his newly won WWE Universal Championship against Finn Balor in the main event. But [...]

Will Daniel Cormier Defend His Title In The Brocktagon?

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Brock Lesnar is back in the UFC! And he's after the top prize. So, Will Daniel Cormier Defend His Title In The Brocktagon? Find out below: In the news: Just a few moments before Daniel Cormier and Stipe Miocic walked out to the octagon, Lesnar [...]

Wrestling Legend Vader Dies At 63

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Leon White, known to wrestling fans all over the world as Big Van Vader or simply Vader is no more. He passed away on Monday of heart failure. Wrestling Legend Vader Dies At 63. His son Jesse White, confirmed his death Wednesday on Twitter. He [...]

What Has The Undertaker Done?

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Mark Calaway aka The Undertaker has always remained the most mysterious characters ever to step foot inside a wrestling ring. The Deadman persona and unique character have led him to lead a very secluded life. He always makes a great effort to stay out [...]

WWE Money In The Bank 2018 Predictions

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With each passing year, WWE's Money In The Bank becomes an even bigger event than the year before. And while it reached the pinnacle of success as a pay-per-view back in 2016 with great matches one after the other, there's still something left to [...]

Why Monday Night Rollins Isn’t Working?

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Ok, to get to the point of Monday Night Rollins, we will have to go back a few months. The Shield reunion was one of the highlights of 2017. But, then Ambrose got injured and Roman was being pushed as a solo act as [...]

WWE Hall Of Famer Bruno Sammartino Passes Away

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Bruno Sammartino, an Italian immigrant who was heavyweight champion of World Wide Wrestling Federation for a record eleven years within the 1960s and ′70s, long before the federation admitted that its matches were written and mostly choreographed amusement shows, has died at eighty-two. Bruno Sammartino [...]