British Actress Helen Mirren Said To Ivanka Trump Has ‘No Substance’

Remember that lady in school United Nations agency was super-clever however continuously unarticulate she’d done very badly in her exams?
Or the friend who’s an ideal size eight, however, claims she hates her figure? Exactly: irritating as hell.
That’s Helen Mirren in her latest magazine interview. Dame Helen, she of the enduring red-bikini-at-60 shot, is featured on the duvet of next month’s attract, tattooed hunk draped around her neck and looking out, quite honestly, as fabulous as is humanly doable.

Mirren, United Nations agency has gained a name for not refined her words throughout her illustrious career in theatre and film, conjointly slammed President Trump for being self-interested instead of presidential.

“[Trump] simply same and did no matter it took to induce what he desired,” she said. “That is kind of terrific, as a result of it means that there is a lack of morality there and an absence of conscientiousness.”

Yes, higher to mention we can all be lovely, than to trust what it’d be like if beauty wasn’t the sole currency that matters, notwithstanding what people you make up.

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