Kim Kardashian Apologizes After Defending Jeffree Star: ‘I Feel A Bit Naive’

Kim Kardashian-West walked back previous statements she created defensive controversial beauty blogger Jeffree Star.
Star was bombarded by angry Kardashian fans on Mon when he criticised the swatches of her new powder contour kit via Twitter. Fans were fast to means that Star had created racist comments in a number of his past videos.
Fans of Kardashian area unit freaking out regarding her unbelievable look, though she is much from the first celebrity to wear the design. From Cher and Elvis Aron Presley to the Kardashians and also the Hadids, here area unit the simplest garment appearance of all time.

“I do believe that individuals are born to like and born amorously, and they’re tutored to hate,” she explained of her remarks. “So I even have continuously had hopes folks will need modification which people will learn to be higher and do higher and learn to seek out that love once more.”

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