Do you have a Samsung Galaxy phone? If you have and as the phone ages you will face various problems as the software and the hardware also begin to age. The situation may be confusing as you see that you are having a problem with your liked phone and you do not know the remedy to those. If you are in such a situation then you are at the right place. Just continue reading and you will know how to tackle some of the common issues that you may be facing with your phone.

Frozen screen

This is one of the common problems that are faced by the user of Samsung Galaxy phones. In such a situation, the screen of your phone becomes unresponsive and you are not able to do anything using the touch screen property of the screen. People may be suggesting Samsung screen repair as a solution to this. Instead of replacing the screen you can try these simple steps which will make you tackle the situation effectively. The first thing that you can do is to power off and on the phone of yours. If this does not work then you can take out the battery and insert it again after 10 seconds. If this step also comes out to be not fruitful then you can do a hard reset by pressing the power button, the volume button, and the home key at the same time. You can do a factory reset after this.

Unable to charge the battery

This is another problem that is frequently faced by users of Samsung Galaxy phones. If you are unable to charge your phone it may be due to a faulty battery. You should replace the battery with a new one. If the problem persists then it is best to be at the best service centre of Samsung.

Battery draining quickly

This can also be a problem that you may face. There may be various reasons for this nature of a problem. Following the below steps, you may extend the life of the battery.

  • Use auto brightness
  • LTE settings to be turned off
  • Bluetooth to be turned off
  • Wi-Fi setting to be turned off
  • Power saving mode to be enabled
  • Screen time out setting should be adjusted
  • Live wallpaper should not be used

Problem with Wi-Fi connectivity

It may be that you face a problem with connecting to Wi-Fi with your Samsung Galaxy phone. The best way is to power cycle the phone. This can be done by powering off and on the phone or by taking out the battery and inserting it again after 10 seconds. You can try a factory reset also if the problem persists.

Problem with the touch screen

The touch screen functionality of your Samsung galaxy phone may be causing a problem to you. If that is the case then it is best to have a power cycle as the first option. If it solves the problem then you can use your phone smoothly but if it does not then you have to run the Diagnostic test and if it passes the test then you may have to remove the battery while the phone is on and perform a soft reset. If this also does not solve the problem then hard reset is the only option left. If the screen fails the diagnostic test then you may have to have a Samsung screen replacement for solving the problem.

These are some of the problems that you may be facing while using a Samsung galaxy phone. So, there is nothing to be panicked as there are means to tackle those problems easily.

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