Current Updates Of The Quota Reform Movement

Students of all walks have been getting involved in a movement to reform the quota system in public service recruitment. This movement first started to take shape near TSC area on the Dhaka University campus. It has been continuing for the last 2 days. Here are theĀ Current Updates Of The Quota Reform Movement:

Students from both NSU & IUB have unified to add more numbers to the protest. In the photo above you can see the students have taken over the road that leads to Badda. They slowly started gathering at first at 10am in front of NSU’s No.8 gate before proceeding to the main road. The students at the forefront of the movement have advised their fellow students to protest in a well-behaved and organized manner; one that does not incur the wrath of the police. There has been no news so far of any violence from the area according to the locals. No shops or offices, neither the local buses have been harmed in any way. These students have so far only taken over the street to let their demand be heard.

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