About Data Collection Group and Microworkers Data Collectors

First of all, we all need to know what is Predefined Groups. Then we will know talk about Microworkers-Programmers. These are Programming tasks. When we create user roles to control other users and for development than those bunch of parts are called Pre-defined Groups. As their functions are predefined . For example, if you install WordPress then you will see some user roles already created named administrator, editor, author, and subscriber. To define their work by default you will need to have programming knowledge or need to have some Programming-related tasks experience.MW: Data Collection Group must have knowledge on data collection projects. As data collection projects are hard to solve for MW: Data Collection Group. MW: Data Collection Group has no connection with programming I guess they only focus on data collection projects.

Now if we talk about Microworkers, they will have PMW: Data Collection Group and for that, they have to work on data collection projects. So we should call them Microworkers-Programmers. Microworkers website is maintained very well, so we can say Microworkers-Programmers are responsible for that. They must be highly qualified, as maintaining a website such well is not that easy how it looks.
Probable Microworkers Pre-defined Groups Should Be  –

  • Administrator
  • Microworkers-Programmers
  • MW: Data Collection Group
  • Users

Administrators must be doing the or taking the quick decisions. And  Microworkers-Programmers will be doing the Programming-related tasks.Mw: Data Collection Group must be on some data collection projects. And there are two types of user in Microworkers.

  • Job Seekers
  • Employers

They are all called Pre-defined Groups. So we can say there are some Pre-defined Groups behind every successful website or company or whatever we call. They must be doing the Programming-related tasks so well that they are facing no problem. MW: Data Collection Group must be on some data collection projects.They are the great Microworkers-Programmers. If we all get programmers like Microworkers-Programmers then succeeding will be not that hard. Programmers are a must for a company. Programming is easy if you have good logic sense. So Microworkers-Programmers are logical I guess. And have much experience in Programming-related tasks.And if we need some data collection projects or to analyze them then we will need MW: Data Collection Group. Because MW: Data Collection Group they have done a splendid job on My coworkers.


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