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Dabbe 2006

Dabbe is a unidentified word to all of us. It means a creature or animal which moves with difficulty. It is a Turkish movie. And it is the first movie of the dabbe movie series . Hasan Karacadağ directed this movie who is very renowned for his horror movies.
The movie starts with the incident of Tarikh. He is very adorable, sweet, friendly boy. He was earning money through Share market by internet. Suddenly all of his friends lost contact with him. It was also the time after Tarikh’s break up with his girlfriend. So, his friends became concerned for him and after four days one of his friend visited his house. She found his house was in a disorder. In that day at the attendance of his friend in his house Tarikh pressed a kitchen knife through his throat and killed himself. They thought he killed himself because of his breakup. But the suicidal occurrence didn’t look like so. After some day of Tarikh’s death one of his friend received an email from Tarikh with a picture. Then the real show starts.

Tarikh with his friends (behind)

Tarikh with his friends (behind)

All of them acted so well and the direction was faultless. But I didn’t like this movie very much. I’m fond of the Dabbe movie series. Dabbe 4 : The curse of jinn was the first movie that i have watched of the dabbe series. It was so horrifying that you cannot watch it alone. If you like horror movies then you will also like this movie and all of the movies of dabbe series.

Imdb Rating : 5.2/10

My Rating : 5.5/10

Review by a GIG Suniv Ashraf


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