Demi Lovato Has A Split Moment With Her Wardrobe

The singer who recently released the album Tell Me You Love Me had a very nervous moment while she was out and about in New York. Let’s take a look at when Demi Lovato Has A Split Moment With Her Wardrobe:

What’s cooking:

Oops! Demi's split moment!

Oops! Demi’s split moment!

Demi appeared to be uncomfortable as she seemingly noticed that her gown was beginning to expose a bit more of her leg than she actually hoped. But, she was able to keep the situation under her control and made sure that it was the only thing on display.

It's all ok now

It’s all ok now

You can also see her wearing a pair of dainty gold stilettos. Apart from this minor shock, the US star looks chic as she teamed the dress with a stylish high ponytail accompanied by sassy hoop earrings.

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