Lizzie Cundy’s Leather Trousers Take A Leave Of Absence

She is well known for her sizzling swimsuit-clad¬†selfies on some of the world’s best idyllic beaches. Despite her not hesitating about flaunting her figure, even Lizzie can have a red-faced moment.¬†Lizzie Cundy’s Leather Trousers Take A Leave Of Absence:

What’s cooking:

Lizzie Cundy had been left majorly red-faced after she suffered a major wardrobe malfunction when she split her figure-flaunting leather trousers.

The 46-year-old former WAG would go on to document her embarrassing fashion faux pas on Instagram with her social media followers sharing the racy mishap.

Posting her X-rated snap online, the mother-of-two had ripped pants split from the top of her peachy derriere right down to the thighs that exposed her cheeks.

And while we are not aware of what she managed to do to dramatically tear the skintight trousers, she does illustrate her lacy intimates while her hand rested on her thigh with the picture being taken.

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