Dianna Agron’s Thrill Leads To Unwanted Attention

It was an evening of celebrating the life and work of the greatest designers of our time. Well, Dianna Agron was no doubt thrilled about it, perhaps a bit too much thrilled. So what really happened? Dianna Agron’s Thrill Leads To Unwanted Attention:

What’s cooking:

The 31-year-old was wowing everyone on the red-carpet at the Alexander McQueen gala. She had worn a floor-length black gown by Johana Ortiz that had an incredibly deep plunging neckline and a full skirt.

Dianna Agron exposes a bit too much

                                            Dianna Agron exposes a bit too much

As you can see, the V-neck design of the garment betrays her. This makes her give away more than just a blink of her side-boob and cleavage as she went braless.

With a well-cut dress hovering precariously low and just above her navel, it’s a wonder how she managed not to fully expose herself that evening.

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