When Lady Gaga Forgets To Cover Herself

Do you sport a blazer and wear something underneath? Of course, you do- it’s obvious to do. Even when you go to grab a late-night pizza. But, it looks like Gaga forgot that. Read more on When Lady Gaga Forgets To Cover Herself:

What’s cooking?

Gaga was asking for trouble when she went to pick up a pie after a New York City performance. She did not wear anything underneath her blazer. She eventually got caught by a paparazzi trying to take some shots and when she tried to cover her face with her hand, she immediately exposed some skin as you can see below:

Lady Gaga's Amadeus Pizza mishap

This goes to show that celebrities are never safe from the claws of the paparazzi no matter what time it is. Leave a comment below and tell us what you think.

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