Every Available Update On Black Ops 4

Call Of Duty will officially return with Black Ops 4 in the month of October of this year. It will be featuring the series’ traditional modes and a few other surprises. To know read more about “Every Available Update On Black Ops 4” here:

Release Date:

The game will be launched globally on October 12, 2018, on Xbox One, PS4, and PC through Battle.net.

What’s been revealed:

The game is set between Black Ops II & Black Ops III. The debut multiplayer trailer reveals a mix of similar looking modern weapons to go with advanced technology like auto-building barricades, assault rifle size flamethrowers and few brutal looking melee weapons. You are reading “Every Available Update On Black Ops 4”.

Not a single player campaign this time

Not a single player campaign this time

The weapons shall be featuring a new modeling system, alongside a whole new class of mod. It may change the way weapons usually operate and rewards of players investing time to learn a specific weapon.

Weapon attachment system is overhauled

Weapon attachment system is overhauled

The new game features a few changes which will ultimately impact the gameplay – fog of war and healing. This means that healing won’t be automatic anymore.

There’s going to be a medic class instead. And they will do the healing and even boost the maximum health of the other players.

A battle royale:

The game will feature some of the iconic parts of the former Black Ops maps. They will be mashed up into one enormous map. The resulting map is estimated to be 100 times larger than the classic Black Ops multiplayer map. The mode will be called “Blackout”, featuring playable characters and weapons of the zombie modes. Additionally, it will draw from the series’ entire history for creating a battle royale experience; and it will be “uniquely Black Ops”. Players will get to move around the new expanse in vehicles ranging over land, sea, and air.

Zombie Mode- Check:

Zombies are back

Zombies are back

It is an “essential part” of your Black Ops experience, as Treyarch puts it. The developer says that it is a throwback to the drawing board. The Community Reveal trailer shows the player characters as Roman gladiators fighting off in a huge arena filled with hordes of zombies.

There is a second zombie map as well, which is set on the Titanic and is called A Voyage of Despair.

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