Wardrobe Malfunctions Of The British Royal Family

There are so much of the wardrobe malfunctions these days on big occasions. However, we can never get enough of the Royal Family’s wardrobe malfunctions! Let’s take a look at the Wardrobe Malfunctions Of The British Royal Family:

Camilla Parker gets bowled over:


In July 2015, the Duchess of Cornwall arrived at St. Mary Magdalene Church in Norfolk; which was close to a royal family residence at Sandringham. She was there to attend the christening of Princess Charlotte. Wearing a tasteful pale blue ensemble she was on her way to meet the Archbishop of Canterbury. And at the time of knocking at the door, a gust of wind came out of nowhere and did what you can see in the picture above.

A Royal Fascist Fashion choice:

A wardrobe malfunction can be used for describing an extremely poor decision when it comes to clothes one chooses to wear in public. And in 2005, Prince Harry did just that. On the occasion of a “fancy dress” party, he wore a shirt that had the eagle insignia and the swastika armband that only the Nazis use. Someone must have forgotten to tell the Prince that the Nazis and the British were a nemesis back during the World War.

Spanx a lot Prince Beatrice:

For those who are unaware, she is the eldest daughter of Prince Andrew, the younger brother of Prince Charles. She is seventh in line for the throne and since she turned 30 in 2018, she’s young and quite social. In June 2017, Princess Beatrice had worn a breezy black, blue, and mesh dress to a V&A museum summer shindig. And when she posed for the photographers, the under-dress shapewear was very visible all of a sudden.

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Kate Middleton’s Oops moment:

The Duchess of Cambridge along with Prince William visited Australia back in late 2013, to meet with the victims of the devastating Blue Mountain bushfires. On their appointment, Middleton made her way down the helicopter and all that rapidly moving air went right up under her skirt portion of the dress. These series of unfortunate events exposed her highness’s royal bottom- which had been bereft of any underpants.

These were some of the Wardrobe Malfunctions Of The British Royal Family. Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

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