Gloria Allred quit representing Summer Zervos

Women’s rights attorney Gloria Allred has taken the decision to withdraw from representing Summer Zervos against Trump. It is cited as defamation suit. Allred does, however, say that their withdrawal has nothing to do with the case’s merit against President Trump. She is yet to make any comment regarding the firm’s reasons to withdraw. And also she has wished Summer her very best in the pursuit of justice.¬†Gloria Allred quit representing Summer Zervos against Trump and it has shocked many people.

Zervos has stated on Friday that she “decided to part ways with Gloria Allred purely for personal reasons, having nothing to do with her work as my attorney.”

“I look forward to having my day in court with my current legal team. I have no further comment on this matter.”

as said by Zervos. Zervos is a former contestant on the NBC show “The Apprentice”. She had filed a defamation suit against Trump in January of 2017. She alleged that he had defamed her after he called her a liar when she had publicly accused Trump of sexual misconduct. Again, there is much tension about Gloria Allred quit representing Summer Zervos.

She will be continually represented by New York-based Mariann Wang. Mariann has released a statement thanking Allred and her firm of Allred Maroko and Goldberg for the work they did on the case. Zervos alleges that she went to Trump for career-related advice after she was cut from the show. She says that during that session Trump kissed her twice on the lips during a lunch meeting at his New York City office. She also claims that he kissed her “very aggressively and placed his hand on my breast” on a separate occasion in Beverly Hills. Both the alleged incident have taken place in 2007.

Allred had broken the news of the allegations back in October of 2016. She did this by holding a press conference with Zervos in California. That is why, it shocked many when Gloria Allred quit representing Summer Zervos.

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