Trowbridge churches unite for Walk of Witness

Churches all over Trowbridge had come together for leading the Walk of Witness. Parishioners did gather there for remembering the crucifixion of Jesus on Good Friday. Even with the rain, crowds gathered at St.James’ Church for a service before they walked through the town center toward the cenotaph at the park. This was done following the carrying of the symbolic cross carried by members of the Christian Community. A quick reminder that Trowbridge churches unite for Walk of Witness.

This annual walk is organized by the Trowbridge Area Churches Together (CATA) partnership. They had been joined by the Salvation Army and hymns and readings were being sung and listened to by the group. The Organizer Chris Friend, minister of the Upper Studley Baptist Church says that he has been taking part in the walk for more than 22 years. David Breese was among those to attend the walk and expressed his pleasure at the fact that, so many people were out on Good Friday. The church pastor has the duty of running the team of 23 people to take to the streets of Trowbridge on every Saturday night. Next year they will celebrate the tenth year having their start in 2009 when Trowbridge became the first market town to have street pastors. This is big since Trowbridge churches unite for Walk of Witness.

In the last year only, they have provided 10,500 lollipops, 250 flip-flops and 400 bottles of water.


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