The ascension of Steve Smith in the cricketing world has been that of a fairy tale. Silencing critics for a living, this man has elevated batting and leadership to a point where cricket fans speak of his name with similar awe of that of Don Bradman. You are now reading THE GREAT FALL THAT SHOOK THE WORLD.
This cricketing legend, averaging at an access of an impressive 61 runs in tests and 42 in ODIs, has drawn respect and admiration from all around the globe. Regarded as the second most important man within Australia (just behind the Prime Minister), Smith has conquered the height of fame at a young age of 28. An aspiring leg-spinner and already the best batsman in the world, his legacy was meant for the history books.
Kids would wake up in Australia dreaming to captivate the cricket world with similar charisma as that of Steve Smith. However, March 24th was the day they woke up to the news of this enigmatic character’s fall from grace. At the peak of his career, involved in premeditated cheating, this man had full knowledge of using sandpaper to illegally produce reverse swing in a match against South Africa. He chose to not act, as was his responsibility as the skipper, or a self-respecting cricketing genius.  It is indeed THE GREAT FALL THAT SHOOK THE WORLD.
A lot has been said about the extent of punishment he must face. Bans, fines, and defamation has been thrown at this man once revered with admiration. No punishment will, however, come close to the absolute disappointment and self-loathing that he has been subjected to. The media has taken it to the next level, firing Smith with disgraceful questions and unforgiving reports and articles.
Breaking down in a press conference to tears, the emotional toll it has taken on himself and his family is evident. This is a man who has fallen from grace. This sure does look like a man who is suffering the consequences of his actions.
We can only hope he emerges stronger, humbled, responsible and as a better person from the other side.
A big loss for the cricketing world would be a shame to not see this great back in action.

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