Here’s How You Can Prepare For Severe Weather

There is a chance that you have heard of tornado sirens going off in the community today. It is a part of the Severe Weather Awareness Week. Rich Pollman, who is a warning coordination meteorologist, at National Weather Service site for southeast Michigan says that he sees around 220 severe weather events every year. That is reason enough to have a plan for you and your family. Here’s How You Can Prepare For Severe Weather:

A permanent, sturdy structure is the safest place during a storm. If you have a basement then it is the safest. However, there is no need to worry. Pollman says that you have to put as many walls between you and the storm as you can.

“It’s a small closet, a small hallway where the bedrooms are off, or a bathroom that doesn’t have an outside wall.”

If you can plan ahead, then you can even bring in pillows into the closet to guard yourself against flying debris. You can also use helmets if you want to. If you are trapped outside, and also nowhere near a sturdy building then the situation demands extra attention to planning. If you are trying to ride out a storm in a vehicle then you are hoping that the storm isn’t severe to flip the car. If you are in a field, you should be looking for a low-lying spot, if possible a ditch. It should be far away from the trees or other large items that can fall on you.

Experts suggest to make a plan and practice it with the family. This week’s testing done by the municipalities is a good reminder to families to practice or form a plan too.

The statewide tornado drill will take place around 1pm today but will exclude Macomb County. This was all from Here’s How You Can Prepare For Severe Weather.

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