Highly Digital Bus Service of Bangladesh ' DESH-TRAVELS ' From Dhaka To Rajshahi, Chittagong , Cox's Bazar.

collageDesh-travels is a partnership business  with Jamuna Industrial Agro Group Ltd . The company started on 18th November 2012 . Desh-travels started their journey with 23 buses of Hino 1J Plus and three Air Condition of Hyundai universe novels . Desh-travels are serving customers from the capital city of Bangladesh to far end Rajshahi ,Chittagong and  Cox’sbazzar. The outlook of the bus is great . As well as the inside look . In a row it has three seats , one row consist of double seats and another row is single.  The outlook of driver’s navigation system of whole bus is awesome .  It looks like almost a Jet fighter’s navigation . The seats are very much comfortable to sleep in a journey.  In the bus there is three monitors to entertain the passengers.  There is also a fridge in the front.  They will provide packet of biscuit,  a cake and a 500ml water bottle at starting.  They also provide poly bags for them who has vomiting problem in a long journey.  They also have single blanket for every passenger.  Their service is very good,  as well as behavior of the staffs are also charming.



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