A Little Chat With Omee Ranasinghe – Sri-Lankan Outstanding Rapper

A Little Chat With Omee Ranasinghe - Sri-Lankan Rising Rapper

A Little Chat With Omee Ranasinghe – Sri-Lankan Rising Rapper

  #Do you recall any interesting stories regarding your birth?

Omee : I was born in 1991 may 25th in Colombo Sri-lanka . There is no interesting stories about my birth I think .

#. What did you do during the summertime?

Omee : During the summer time , going out with friends and having a beer .. playing games and wondering, watching movies and etc .

#Who was the most influential person to you as a child ?

Omee : It was Eminem, and Ice cube . I was so in to rap music when I was a child , I had all of their albums and I always wanted to be a rapper like them .

#Who was your best friend? Are you still in touch with them?

Omee : There were so many best-friends and most of them gone now, but still in touch with Chathura, Shashindra, Kasun, I called them best friends .

  #How would you describe yourself as a student, both socially and academically?

Omee : As a student I am a bright one haha .. But I was so aggressive person. Quick tempered guy actually . I didn’t want to be a nerd like kids nowadays. Socially I was a good guy, always wanted to hear others and listen to them . I was a good listener .

#What was your favorite music/band/dance in high school?

Omee : When I was in high school my favorite sri-lankan music band was 6th Lane and Centigradz.. Internationally NWA and Three six mafia, Bone thugs and Harmony .

Recieving Award - The best New artist of the Year 2014 (Special award) at Derana Music Video Awards 2014 .

Recieving Award – The best New artist of the Year 2014 (Special award) at Derana Music Video Awards 2014 .

#Tell us About your first job?

Omee : In my first job I was working as a Migration Ad-visor in Eiffel International group of companies .

#In addition to being paid money, how else has your career created value in your life?

Omee : Actually I don’t go behind money . This is my hobby .  I wont earn money through this field , if it has to come as money I would take it but won’t going behind them . There are so may people who loves me , who loves my style and music so they already had given me the value and that’s too enough .

#What does the word “Family” mean to you?

Omee : It means nothing to me , cause actually cause when I was a kid I didn’t see a good family ever . Life is not a bed of roses . You only have you there’s no other one in the end of your life .

#First touch with music .

Omee : It was a mix tape . After that I made it back and released it . It called ” Thambapanni ” . I brought through it about social corruption and everything . All together conscious .

#Why Rapper ?

Omee : It was in my blood , I really wanted to be a rapper and I chased . So here I am today . Rapper is a beautiful poetry not like others we can give the exact message through a rap for everyone .

#Your first song details and history

Omee : It called Thambapanni and i made it around 2009 . But after that I was frozen for some reasons and came back to field though .

  Omee Ranasinghe

#Do you have a music team ?

Omee : I was a member of 6th lane band in Sri-lanka , But after that I was a solo artist . Again now me and Bigdoggy (senior rapper) made a band called “Sri Squad ” and we are working together now .

#Tell Us About Your achieved Awards .

Omee : Well I got the award for the The best New artist of the Year 2014 (Special award) at Derana Music Video Awards 2014 .

#Your Present Music circumstances .

  Omee : Presently working on our new project ” Anthima Kamatta ” me Bigdoggy and anthoney colloborated with ” Rasthiyadhu Padanama ” So there are so many to come . Let’s see step by step what will happen in the industry .  We didn’t show our best yet . We are a squad so no one couldn’t beat us. We don’t like to do dramas we will do what we have to do on time .

#You see yourself after 5 years .

Omee : Haha , after 5 years still I am a rapper, maybe not, but for sure I will be there to handle ’em new comers to the field . I have to tell about this specially . TODAY I’M HERE BECAUSE OF ONE PERSON AND I REALLY RESPECT HER AND I OWE HER, SHE’S SHARMILA DHARMARASA (Video Director of Tv Derana) Respect her at it best .


Thanks To : Omee Ranasinghe

Artist – Omee Ranasinghe ft Raween Kanishka
Lyrics – Dammika Wijeyawickrama / Omee (Rap)
Music – Shenal Maddumage




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