Hire Leadership Skill Through Aptitude Test

To select a right person for a job only verifying the academic qualification and professional certificate is not sufficient for a good fit for the corporate culture. And you know that the repetitive search for a new employee to fill the same position would result in lost opportunities to the corporate and increase the turnover cost significantly. So to make a right hiring decision you have to choose the best-fit person for the right job. That is why a company should evaluate a candidate scientifically to appraise an applicant’s personal attributes. But many companies focus on the academic achievements and the training undergone by the candidates. But it is equally important to the employer to know as to how the developmental potential aspect of a candidate will elevate the long-term well-being of the company in the future. And here lies the essence of aptitude test that brings out a candidate’s uniqueness, potentiality, natural traits, and limitations. In Mettl, we provide accommodations for competency-based different aptitude test for each job as we believe that one size doesn’t fit all. The assessment tests that we provide to the companies cover a wide array of more than 18 domains.

The Accuracy of the Aptitude Test

An aptitude test can provide a company with a wide space for making a more informed decision when it goes for hiring a candidate. When thousands of candidates are applying for the same position in a company, a comparison amongst them is felt indispensable even the difference may be a little bit. More importantly, the tests are designed in such a manner so that it can bring out different strengths and weaknesses of the applicants that can help the companies choosing the right candidate. The company can also identify a candidate’s ability to solve the problems with a coherent reasoning getting with others.

In consonance with the interview, the result of the tests gives a more precise picture of a candidate’s potentiality to achieve the success for the position pursued. Different aptitude test reflects different attributes of the candidates which cannot be identified during the interview process only but the attributes of the candidates altogether help the interviewer to choose the right candidate for the job offered.

The Types of Aptitude Test

In Mettl, before designing the contents of the aptitude test, the way of delivering the need is prioritized to ensure the suitability of the test for the job being offered and also the cost and the time of the test to be conducted.

The types of the tests include:

  • Skill Tests — these are relatively easy but important task in respect of functional attribute of the candidates for the job like knowledge of keyboard function, typing speed, and data entry.
  • Knowledge Tests — the tests are related to a specific topic relevant to the job for assessing the fundamental knowledge level of the candidates to perform the job.
  • Ability Tests — typically these tests are associated with assessing the mental or cognitive performance levels of the candidates based on furnishing with the workplace environment and asking them to illustrate what they would do in such a situation.
  • Personality Tests — various personality tests are there, but, for the screening concern of employment five commonly used traits are measured among the candidates and those are:
    • Extroversion
    • Conscientiousness
    • Agreeableness
    • Openness to experience
    • Emotional stability

The aptitude tests are taken typically under a time bound environment. It may be delivered in the employer’s premises or in a third party tests centre, which designs and conducts the tests. In Mettl, we provide such facilities to the employers to enable them in choosing the right candidates for the jobs they offer. In today’s tech-savvy environment, the employer often chooses internet based tests which provide the following benefits:

  • It is convenient for the applicants. They can sit for the tests at the home also instead of attending the tests centre.
  • It is convenient for the employers. They can take tests of a huge number of applicants at a time without a headache.
  • It is beneficial to both employer and applicant as well due to faster results submission and the process of screening the applicants as well also become faster.

The Benefits of Aptitude Test

The major benefits of aptitude test that helps the interview processes are described below:

  • Different studies in respect aptitude test concluded that overall tests are accurate for assessment of potential candidates. It helps the employers to identify the right candidate for the position offered whether that is a fresh appointment or promotional placement.
  • The tests are also reasonably appropriate to evaluate a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses that help interviewers with an opportunity to look insight of the candidate’s potentiality for success rate if the applicant is put into the position offered.
  • An aptitude test offers a candidate to expose own self to prove as a right candidate for the job offered by way of bringing out the skills for the position offered.

The Broader Picture behind the Aptitude Test

We in Mettl, believe that how a candidate will be evaluated and selected is an integral part of the Employee-Relationship-Management (ERM) that forms a larger framework based on which a company’s future performances will be measured. So matching a right candidate for the right job is the most important beginning task. An explicit job description helps a potential beginner to shoulder the responsibilities with all attributes so that the expectations are met by undertaking the role appropriately. And Mettl is here to help you in choosing the right candidates in your location

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