Hitman: Agent 47 (2015) : Imdb 5.9/10

1. Not a Pick for the Big Screen

Based on a video game series, directed by Aleksander Bach Hitman agent 47 was one of the new released of this autumn. This vaguely science fiction movie was probably a mess with a dense opening with no climatic twists, moreover with no degree of graphical skills. Many of the people could perhaps guess that it’s a sequel of 2007’s Hitman movie, but it’s up to that. Hitman Agent 47 piles up a new story plot centering the game series where the main character exposes a secretive assassin ultimately known as Agent 47. In short, agent 47 helps out a woman to find her father and reveal the secrecy of her origin. Movies based on video games don’t have such big records or didn’t went as a blockbuster till now. Movies like Mortal Kombat or Silent Hill are such type examples, which didn’t manage to draw people towards the hall. Hitman Agent 47 turns out to be precisely that type of movie of fast–paced blank thrillers that studious often release during their canicular days of summer.

Rupert Friend, who made a solid impression of last few seasons of Showtime’s Homeland, displaying a strong masculine presence is casted on this flick as Agent 47. He surprisingly got up with the main theme of Hitman with a perfect tone for the role but still have some soft spots. Beside this British actor, the movie stars Hannah Ware, Zachary Quinto, Ciaran Hinds, Thomas kretschmann and so on. Remaining in the mist of blockbusters like Avengers 2 or Mission Impossible 5, Hitman Agent 47 is a way lot lagging behind. One could go and see agent 47 on the big screen if 2007’s Hitman was worthy to him. Those who go nevertheless may be delighted with their decision.

Review By a Gig : Shafkat Samin Anowar


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