WWE 2K15

1.  Feel the Real heat of wrestling

The latest and the sixteenth installment of WWE 2K series is finally on air. This game gains a good graphical atmosphere cutting many remarkable modes from the previous episodes of the game series. 2K 15 displays great wrestling sports with awesome reorganized WWE Superstars. The rhythm of heavier hits, more realistic pace along with upgraded graphics than 2K14 has been enrolled in this play. Moreover, Controls have been newly reformed in order to offer the best gameplay mechanism and visuals. In fact, WWE 2K15 rather serves the first game in the series to be a sign of the “new generation”, placing a heavy emphasis on customary and more relaxed gameplay, unlike the arcade like fighting prominent in previous installment.



2k15 Men Game play

2k15 Divas Game play

The gameplay provides several new features to tribute the main theme based around naturalism, adding a new chain of grappling system at the start of the matches, adding a new stamina bar just to reflect the reality of the real life WWE matches. Match types of all versions have been considerably enriched. Like the steel cage match has a new escaping system, the hell in a cell match now allows the usage of weapons obtained from under the ring. Besides New match types included the three stages of hell and the casket match. WWE 2K15 in total includes 75 characters where some of them need to be unlocked by winning challenges and some other can also be designed by the user. Besides lots of other modes of fighting is available including the career mode, which highlights the main part of this latest play. The slow gameplay, long loading items and unresponsive controls are big issues that wrecks the potentiality of the game. But still, it’s not that worst experience you would certainly have from this game! Not all WWE games are customized for PC, but 2K15 apart from PlayStation and XBOX also can be run on Microsoft Windows platform. The game is out a way back on October, 2014. So if you still haven’t gone for this game, give it a go with our ultimate WWE superstar. It’s indeed a preferable game to pass your leisure!

Review By a GIG : Shafkat Samin Anowar

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