Knock Knock : Imdb 5.4/10

1. Top foulest movie in 2015

Keanu Reeves one of the renowned actors in Hollywood industry. He is basically well-known for Matrix. His Hollywood expedition started by this heroic character of Neo. Then there are many of his movies which are moral to watch. last year John Wick got so many courtesies. This year knock knock has recently gone biological in a destructive way. If you surely review it, then you will find not anything to say about it.

Now procedural review
IMDb rating 5.3/10 where users are only 5700
Which means there are very few was involved in giving review of it or didn’t watch it.

Knock Knock screenshots

Concerning official genres ?? it says horror, mystery, thriller. actually sometimes rating websites amplifies many things by saying genres for an exact movie. knock knock isn’t a horror movie, neither a mystery or a thriller movie. This is a movie of big JOKE of 2015. I didn’t expect that kind of acting from Keanu Reeves. Essentially we can’t blame him because all he did was part of the script but this is mostly movie of nothing, zero story and unsatisfying ending. Keanu Reeves should have left acting rather than doing this. One worst movie can hamper an actor’s career. This is like this.

While his two kids and wife outside of the house , two young girl came to his house to get a help and then movie begins and that was wretched . pitiable piece of story. pitiful.

Knock Knock movie screenshot

You can lookout this movie.

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