Instagram: A Versatile Tool For Search Engine Optimization

In the contemporary times, having a proper marketing setup in the virtual sphere is becoming mandatory for every type of business. The entrepreneurship today is driven to a large extent by the digital world, and hence it is crucial that you evolve your marketing techniques to incorporate digital mediums of promotion as well. The influence of technology and internet on our daily lives cannot be denied and keeping that in mind, the various marketing experts are coming up with innovative ideas of putting the online sources at use for promoting any business. One of the most versatile tools of promotion is the social media platforms which are largely used by millions of people for various reasons. Such is the influence of the social media that marketers find it to be a very potential platform.

How Instagram proves to be useful?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, the list of popular social media platform is endless, and millions of people access them to stay in touch with their near and dear ones across the world as well as find various contents relevant to their hobbies, interests and even profession. One of the most popular social media platforms is the Instagram, and it is equipped with various features which appear custom built for promotional work in particular. Actively used by 6millions of people worldwide every month, the Instagram and its popularity are growing in manifolds by the day. When you have a certain business, Instagram can come in handy as a very primary and vital option for SEO optimization of the business website. Here we are going to introduce to you certain tips and basic methods in which you can ensure that Instagram promotion is effective enough for your business.

Instagram: A versatile Tool For Search Engine Optimization

Instagram: A versatile Tool For Search Engine Optimization

Keyword research on various hashtags

When you are uploading a certain image or video on Instagram, it has to be accompanied with a proper caption and hashtagged descriptions which would enable users interested in relevant posts to find it easily. The Instagram may not be a search engine, but it has a search function in it and hashtags are the best way to operate this function smoothly. Hence when you add trending and relevant hashtags on your posts, it is likely to be up on the rank of related posts in the recent times which in turn would help followers for Instagram to easily locate the images or videos they are looking for. Research on the hashtags, which get the most search volume to get an idea about the best hashtags to be used on your posts, is essential. A terrific advantage of the hashtags is that you can easily add as many hashtags as you want at the end of your post without worrying about keyword stuffing on your content. One of the best options for checking the relevance and trending hashtag is through Websta for Instagram.

Organize contests with prizes

Seasoned businesses and websites, as well as websites with a significant number of followers up their sleeves, can opt for this particular promotional and SEO optimization method. Notify your followers about a contest you have organized on your website for them and provide the rules along with it in the description part. When they visit the site following the link to the contest, your SEO gets boosted as well. If you strategize the giveaways and contests well, every time you organize such a contest, you can score even up to a few thousand of followers from Instagram. This is a huge number particularly for start-ups who are new in this arena. There is some ways in which you can create a contest alert through your Instagram page, and the more striking, innovative and unique your idea is, the more it is likely to attract the right kind of followers who can prove to be an asset in the future for the company.

Partnering with a charity or non-profit institution

A company with the significant communal contribution is more appreciated by the people who are availing the products. Hence having a tie-up with such organizations can help you get more followers while at the same time, you can built a good reputation for the company as well. Giving some of the profits you make to the nonprofit organizations may not lead to any loss for your company but would benefit such organizations hugely. Your contribution, in turn, would build your reputation as a socially aware business group with bright business ethics. This is profitable for your business, but more so for your Instagram promotional work as you can share the images and videos of such work there. Visual promotion is powerful, and Instagram provides the users with a vast scope to do that.

Partnering with NGOs which are relevant to your business is a very compact method of gaining more profit since you can even contribute in kind to the charity causes and not just financially. This is essentially an excellent way to ensure that your products are being subtly promoted as well.


There are different ways in which you can promote your business and finding more and more innovative methods can be very helpful to ensure that you have a unique business plan that appeals to people. Instagram promotion is essential for the influence this platform has in the daily lives to so many people. Using some fundamental but effective strategies can ensure that your entire promotional work is done properly and this is an essential factor for making sure that you earn consistent profit through your business. It can be concluded that the above mentioned promotional practices are not only practical and effective but at the same time are easy to execute for the people.

Author bio: Daniel Mattei is a noted marketing expert who has been working on SEO management for a while. Her articles about how you can gain followers for Instagram are informative and useful. Some people follow her articles and blogs to get an overall idea about handling their social media promotion work.

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