WordPress and Digital Signage user in a new era of Advertising and Marketing for Restaurant Businesses

Digital displays and electronic signage are making their presence felt in almost every sphere of marketing. Shopping malls, big brand stores, restaurants, and bars are enjoying the benefits of digital signage due to the low installation costs and maintenance costs. Even large food chains like Subway and McDonald’s have been using digital menu boards and electronic ordering systems for the last few years. The locations that have been using digital displays and digital ordering systems have been reporting larger sales and better ROI. The QSR restaurants that rely on drive-through for a larger portion of their sales and profits enjoy quite a few advantages on a daily basis by switching to a digital signage system.

What is the first benefit a digital menu board provides?

The biggest benefit a digital menu board brings is flexibility. Without restaurant┬ámenu board signs,it would be incredibly difficult to change the signs each day depending on the day’s offers. For drive-through, conveying the right menu item name along with the correct prices can be challenging due to the distance between the ordering window and the car, the ambient noise, and the ongoing rush. Having a digital display to guide the customers often results in faster ordering and completion of payment. This increases customer satisfaction. When a digital content display for restaurant menu works properly, the restaurant manager or the employees can take turns to update the content depending on the best-selling item of the day, the offer of the day or the most popular combos present.

Why should WordPress power your digital signage?

There is no reason why a wine-and-dine restaurant, bar or a fast food chain should not adopt a digital display design. You can, of course, cite the cost as a deterring factor, but once you consider WordPress as your content management system, the trepidation about incurring costs vanishes completely. Digital signage users and managers all across the world have realized the untapped potential of WordPress as the ideal digital CMS for electronic OOH advertising screens. Indoor restaurant menu boards can become a lot better organized and interesting with the use of WordPress and its array of plug-ins for content management. Since this leading CMS solution is free and open source, you can also expect a lot of developer level support during the development of your content structure. The presence of some ready-to-use templates for your digital signage makes the setup and running process a lot easier for everyone.

Dunkin’ Donuts, digital signage, and WordPress templates: an inspiration for business owners of the future

Very recently, Dunkin Donuts reaped the benefits of having a completely digital signage system. They could reach the customers at any time during harsh weather conditions. The outlets started marketing hot beverages with special promotional offers during chilly winter evenings and coolers during the hotter days of the summer. The out-of-home advertising digital menus helped Dunkin Donuts rake in a lot of profit from their real-time weather dependent marketing tactics. Last year, Dunkin Donuts reached new heights with its IoT inspired OOH digital advertising techniques. As a customer would walk up to the store, the digital display could adjust its content to reflect the customer’s preferences directly depending on their activity on the Dunkin Donuts mobile application. This is nothing less than the direct targeting of the prospective customers, and it has proven a direct increase in the ROI for several locations.

Not all features come at a great cost. Since most digital signage systems run on local networks or local clouds, sometimes, all your digital signage will need are a couple of new plug-ins. This plug-in can boost the pertinence of your digital signage content in real-time depending on the customer’s mobile activity or the customer’s menu selection. Reeling in weather information or RSS feed to help your target customers enjoy a hot chocolate as it snows right outside the restaurant window is not as difficult. Urging your customers to indulge them in a slice of rich cream cheesecake after their dinner or suggesting the best wine that can go with their bruschetta (cross-selling and upselling) can become easy as a child’s play with the help of the right plug-ins.

Make a move, today!

Creating “self-aware” and real-time responsive digital signage is now a possibility. Without worrying about the expense, you can confidently tread forward with your plans to digitize your business marketing strategies. With the help of the open source CMS and its optimized free plug-in service, you can make all of your digital advertising, and OOH advertising dreams a reality. In fact, if you already have LED screens inside your restaurant premises, you can instantly turn them into digital menu boards with the help of interesting content for the digital board, a dedicated PC, WordPress template, plug-in and a closed network.

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