Is The TV Series Elementary Ending?

As we all eagerly watched the Elementary season 6 finale on CBS, there was just one question in mind: Is The TV Series Elementary Ending? Catch up more on it down here:

What’s cooking:

So, the easy way one can summarize all that took place was: After all that took place with the Michael case, Sherlock and Watson are now in London and live in the famous Baker Street as they take in clients. At this point, the show has taken us closer to the classic novels regarding Sherlock Holmes than we expected it to in any other points of the series. The ultimate question for now is: Is it all going to last till season 7?

That all remains to be seen, however there are quite a few questions popping up in all our minds. Will Aidan Quinn and Jon Michael Hill be a part of the cast moving forward? We are well aware that Detective Bell was readying to leave NYPD in the first place and so, there may be ways to move over Gregson, it is not clear if that will indeed happen.

To make things clear, Sherlock moved to London in order to make sure that Gregson’s daughter Hannah does not have to take the fall for killing Michael. In fact, Hannah killed Michael as an act of revenge for Michael taking her friend’s life in the season’s previous episode. However, her intention was not to frame Joan as a suspect but, majority of the episode is full with efforts of trying to clear Watson’s name.

As for Sherlock, he had made up his mind that, the best outcome for him was to take the fall and get banned from America. This came at the cost of either Gregson losing his daughter or having Joan take the fall. Joan would then move to London and renew their partnership. A huge shout out is in due to the brilliant work of both Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu as Joan’s fate hung in the balance. And in regards to continuity, there is good news. Elementary has indeed been renewed for a 7th season and leaves the show wide open and exciting in it’s own way.

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